1. “Mad skills”: For a long time, the principles of recruitment were always the same. Employers advertise their vacancies, then job seekers prepare their CV and cover letter as an application. If not, the search is continued by leafing through the web and newspapers.The monotony also applies to the interview. The recruiter asks you about your skills, then you just answer all his questions and convince him to recruit you. What if there was another method besides presenting a good CV template to get a job through your hidden talents and not your professional skills? Yes, yes, fortunately there is. With the advent of “Mad skills”, you can exploit your mad skills to get the job of your dreams.


    Mad skills, késako?

    Have you ever heard of them? It’s all about making use of your hidden talents, a passion you have for a particular sector. Tired of the old methods using technical skills and expertise, some recruiters are now turning to the candidate’s other skills, known as Mad skills.

    This term meaning “mad skills” brings together the candidate’s abilities, indicating his or her inclination for something in particular. Let’s say that he has a personality that is out of the ordinary, even though he has not followed a long course of study to get what he has acquired.


    He is, for example, very good at computers, or has a knack for convincing people easily to buy the products he sells. These are qualities that few people have. And you don’t necessarily get these qualities for granted by going to school.


    What are the interests of recruiters in recruiting mad skilled?

    The main reason why recruiters look for people with mad skills is mainly the thirst for novelty, in other words innovation. Thus, recruitment must meet the needs of the company.


    Even if some recruiters still opt for the classic recruitment method, it is often accused of turning employees into people without creativity and personality. Companies looking for innovation therefore recruit people who will be able to take the company to the top, in other words, candidates who stand out from the crowd.


    A new way of recruiting, straight out of America

    After the successes of Apple, Facebook and Google, it is no longer a question of relying on simple professional skills to be successful. Behind these web giants are hidden geniuses who apparently didn’t rely on their studies and diplomas to stand out little by little.


    Of course, they have followed studies related to their skills, but it’s mostly their Mad skills that helped them come out behind their masks. They are also good examples for today’s young people who do not wish to invest their time in a lot of studies.


    However, to do so, you will need innovative and revolutionary ideas that will make your recruiter succumb. To do this, don’t hesitate to prove that you have a strong personality that is out of the ordinary and out of the ordinary for most applicants.


    The company’s role with regard to new mad skilled recruits

    Once the mad skilled have been spotted, there are still several steps for companies to take. Since these are candidates who are out of the ordinary, it is essential to motivate them, as they are in a way rare pearls.


    They need a decent living and working space, the right materials for their talents and good working conditions so that they can bring out the best in themselves. Employers also have a duty to seduce their mad skilled by offering them a working environment conducive to their development. The aim is to enable them to push their creativity and innovative working principles to the limit.


    The leisure section, a section often neglected!

    To create a complete CV, you need a long list of our professional backgrounds, but it must also reflect us with the help of our hobbies. If this section has been neglected for a long time, it is now taking over thanks to Mad skills.


    In the past, this section was simply filled in with simple mentions such as: swimming, cinema, reading, travelling, etc. We can say that things have changed a lot lately, because who would have thought that you could succeed with your mad skills?

    That said, it’s a real opportunity for talented people. So, if you have an extraordinary skill that you think you can use in the professional world, don’t hesitate to reveal it in your CV, in the “leisure” section.


    According to a survey based on this topic, the majority of companies are now a little more interested in atypical profiles than traditional profiles. They consider it advantageous to have mad skilled people in their teams in order to make room for success. This is very motivating for those who don’t have much experience, due to a lack of skills!


    Luck for those with fewer qualifications!

    To tell the truth, the principle of recruitment based on Mad skills is generally dedicated to candidates who do not have good diplomas. It’s also a way of giving a second chance to people who are not very good at studying, so it’s up to them to exploit their personal know-how. Basically, this new process enhances the personality of the candidate with a particular talent. Let’s hear it!



    In conclusion, on the one hand, it is advantageous to have outstanding talent to succeed in the professional world, but on the other hand, it is not always an asset. It should be noted that specifying your mad skills in your CV does not guarantee a validated application. In order to stand out, make sure that your mad skills are accompanied by a well-defined professional project, and that this will be likely to convince your recruiter.

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